Renewably-Sourced Basestock with Functional Benefits for the Industrial Sector

At DuPont, we’re continually investing in sustainable, renewably sourced technologies that will help protect the environment. One example is high oleic soybean oil that provides an environmentally friendly alternative basestock to petroleum-based products in the industrial sector.

Vegetable oils have several advantages to petroleum-based oils including lubricity, lower volatility and a high flash point. However they suffer from a lack of oxidative stability that can prevent their use in certain high temperature environments. High oleic soybean oil has exceptional heat and oxidative stability and can be used in high temperature and extended use applications where conventional soybean oil is not an option. In some applications, high oleic soybean oil has been shown to perform equal to or even better than the petroleum-based incumbent.

Oxidative stability information - chart 

High oleic soybean oil from DuPont Pioneer has the highest oleic content available in soy (more than 75 percent), providing advantages in several applications, including:

  • Lubricant formulations
    • industrial and food grade hydraulic fluids
    • metal working fluids
    • greases
    • chain bar fluids
    • motor and gear oils
    • marine
    • automotive
  • Dielectric fluids
  • Polyols, plastics, foams, adhesives
  • Source of oleic acid for oleochemical production

Plenish high oleic soybean oil is a cost-effective renewable resource.

Industrial uses for Plenish - imageSoybeans are grown on more acres than any other oilseed crop in North America, making high oleic soybeans a high volume, cost-effective solution, especially when compared to alternative high oleic vegetable oils.

High oleic soybean oils may play a significant role in the greening of the industrial sector, as there are government procurement programs encouraging the use of biobased materials as well as government grants available for explorations in this area.

If you would like more information on the technical specifications of these oils or would like to discuss business opportunities please contact Susan Knowlton at (302) 695-2125 or

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