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Ohio Field Day Highlights Plenish High Oleic Soy

Ohio Ag Net

United Soybean Board director John Motter of Hancock County, Ohio shares his experience with Plenish high oleic soybeans.


AgWired discussion with Plenish at Farm Progress


Check out the link and video to AgWired's lunch with Plenish at the 2011 Farm Progress Show.


High oleic could be ‘game changer’ for soybean growers

Farm and Dairy

A new type of soybean that promises a healthier fat profile than conventional beans is gaining momentum among Ohio soybean farmers. Known as high-oleic soybeans, they produce one of a healthier cooking oil, and seed companies and growers believe they hold the potential to expand the soybean market.


Cooking oils evolution

Jeff Gelski, Food Business News

Jeff Gelski, Food Business News


Swinging the pendulum on fats

Jeff Gelski, Food Business News

While consumer aware-ness of trans fat as a “bad” fat has grown over the past eight years, food manufacturers now may want to know what other terms, such as partial hydrogenation and saturated fats, have the potential to attract additional consumer concern. Manufacturers also may have an opportunity to promote positive aspects of fats and oils.


Consumer Ag Connection - Plenish High Oleic Soybean Oil

Pam Fretwell, Consumer Ag Connection

Visit Consumer Ag Connection to learn more about Plenish high oleic soybean oil.


Taking the Challenge, Changing the Game

John Motter, USB Farmer-Director

Like most industries, farming constantly evolves. And just like business owners factor different variables into their profitability, farmers must weigh each opportunity and consider how it would benefit our operations.


Pioneer partners with students at Iowa Culinary Institute on Plenish Dinner

Kathy Huting, Farm Industry News

At an event held at the Pioneer facilities and research laboratories in Johnston, Ia., Feb. 21 and 22, editors were invited to a dinner featuring Pioneer Hi-Bred’s new high-oleic-oil soybean oil called Plenish. View details and photos here.


High Oleic Soybean Oil Is Fry-tastic

Pam Smith, DTN / Progressive Farmer

Students at the Iowa Culinary Institute, part of the Des Moines Area Community College, took the latest in soybean technology to the kitchen last week as part of a Pioneer's annual media day. A new oil, processed from Plenish high oleic soybeans, could be healthier for consumers and farmers' pocketbooks.


New Soy Oil: Delivering Health, Taste

Melody M. Bomgardner, Chemical & Engineering News

DuPont is launching new seeds that promise oilseed crops with improved fatty acid profiles. The company says the resulting vegetable oils will benefit both food makers and public health. The seeds—soybean from DuPont—yield crops with a higher proportion of mono­unsaturated oleic acid compared with nonenhanced versions.

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