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What is trans fat anyway?

Source: American Heart Association

Trans fatty acids are created in an industrial process that adds hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid.


Farm Journal: Pioneer Plans to Raise the Bar in Soybean and Corn Production

Source: YouTube

Frank Ross, Pioneer vice president, North America Operations, discusses the changes in the seed industry and his company’s commitment to increase corn and soybean yields by 40%.


Big Fat Deal

Source: AgWeb.com

As demand for healthier foods continues to grow, seed companies are offering new generations of better beans without the yield penalty associated with earlier varieties.


Pioneer® brand Y Series soybeans and Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) System

Source: YouTube

The story behind Pioneer® brand Y Series soybeans and AYT™System (Accelerated Yield Technology). Pioneer. Science with Service. Delivering Success. ℠


High Oleic Soybean Oil Projected Release

Crop Biotech Update

Soybean oil with higher levels of oleic acid is healthier because it eliminates the need for hydrogenation which creates trans fat. Pioneer Hi-Bred hopes to make this product available to consumers as Plenish™ in 2012.


Value of Biotech

BiotechnologyIndustry Organization

Healing, Fueling, Feeding: How Biotechnology is Enriching Your Life


Future of Fried Foods, New Oils Addressing Health & Sustainability

Food Management; Qualisoy

Trans-Fat-Free Legislation Update - What impact legislation has had on your operation and what the future holds. New, Sustainable Oils - How the next generation of oils will help you reach your sustainability goals (reduce waste, labor savings, renewable energy) Foodservice Trends & Oil’s Role – One oil, many uses; street foods, comfort foods; etc.


As U.S. Approves GM Soybean, DuPont and Monsanto Gird for Cooking-Oil War

Paul Voosen, Greenwire

The Agriculture Department will approve for broad use a genetically modified soybean engineered to contain healthier oils. The high-oleic soybean, developed by DuPont, is one of the first in a wave of bioengineered cash crops that are being altered for nutritional purposes.


DuPont wins US clearance for new soybean trait

Associated Press

DuPont said it cleared the final step of the U.S. regulatory process with the Agriculture Department's approval of the biotechnology product for cultivation in the U.S.


Pioneer gets approval for zero trans fat bean

Dan Piller

Pioneer Hi-Bred announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved its new PlenishTM high oleic soybean. The Plenish high oleic soybean can be made into a cooking oil with zero trans fats, but also has more stability at high temperatures than the current generation of low-linolenic soybean oils.

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