Plenish Oil Functionality and Performance Characteristics

Plenish® high oleic soybean oil provides consumer benefits along with the functional and performance characteristics food companies need.

  • Higher heat stability for frying
  • Increased fry life
  • Improved flavor
  • Increased shelf life for manufactured products
  • Decreased equipment maintenance
  • Blending opportunities

Plenish high oleic soybean oil is better, right from the start.

Increased Fry Life

Plenish high oleic soybean oil provides a new opportunity for food service operators to extend use of their frying oil without sacrificing taste or performance—and fewer oil changes can translate into lower labor and oil costs. Results have shown that Plenish high oleic soybean oil extends fry life 2-3x over conventional soybean oil in industry standard testing.


Fry Life - chart

Extended Shelf Life

Plenish high oleic soybean oil can be the perfect fit for food companies looking to meet consumer demand for 0g trans fat with a functionally superior oil that offers high stability and longer product shelf life without sacrificing flavor.

Schaal Oven Shelf Life Test - chart


Less Build-Up = Cleaner Restaurants

Over time, less stable oils deposit polymers on food manufacturing equipment causing maintenance and cleaning problems and inefficiencies. Plenish high oleic soybean oil’s increased heat stability reduces polymer build-up on manufacturing equipment leading to cleaner restaurants.


Conventional Soy


Plenish® High Oleic Soy

   Conventional Soy   Plenish® High Oleic Soy - fryer image

Fryers were used to prepare French fries over 13 days at 176° C, 8 hours per day.

Versatility in Applications

Plenish high oleic soybean oil can be your single oil solution for restaurant use. Not only is it stable enough to take the heat of the fryer, it can also be used as a grill oil, salad oil, and as a liquid oil component or stable base oil for the incorporation of solids for baked goods. And Plenish high oleic soybean oil can also be used as a spray oil for crackers, nuts, candies or other products, and has shown superior performance in taste and stability in shelf life comparisons. Looking for a stable blended oil component? With the highest oleic content in soy, Plenish high oleic soybean oil offers an optimal blend component to reach functional, sensory and cost targets for your product.

Taste-Tested, Consumer Approved

Taste-tested oil - chartSoybean oil is taste neutral—and foods manufactured with Plenish high oleic soybean oil have demonstrated improved flavor. French fries and fried meats cooked in Plenish high oleic soybean oil were preferred for their flavor, texture, and appearance over products cooked in other oils.

Sensory Testing: Food was fried in Plenish high oleic soybean oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil in 15 lb. capacity fryers at 350° F for 8hrs/day over 10 days. Flavor of the French fries cooked in different oils was evaluated after 10 days of frying by a sensory panel (n=30).

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